Iniobong Daniel Usoro

Iniobong Daniel Usoro

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Iniobong Daniel Usoro
37 × 37 in
Acrylic on canvas
The Disconnected I
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ni Usoro, an artist with a background in architecture, has been utilizing three-dimensional shapes to craft captivating figures and narratives. This approach is not commonly seen in the art world, making his work all the more intriguing. For the past two years, Ini has dedicated himself fully to creating art, producing bodies of work for exhibitions and commissions. To reach as many art lovers as possible, he has hosted numerous events. His portfolio includes both figurative and abstract portraiture, but he has recently been developing a distinctive style that allows him to tell unique stories through his art.

"I have always been fascinated by the concept of creating art from imagination, from the composition to the colors," says Ini. "I began studying figure drawings and human anatomy, which inspired me to use simple three-dimensional geometry to create stories, as the human body is essentially made up of complex 3D shapes."

Using a combination of acrylic and oil paints on stretched canvas, Ini expertly blends captivating colors to bring his geometric figurative style to life. This innovative approach has become a significant part of the artist's creative output and is garnering much attention and acclaim.
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