Our Story

Future Fair grew out of the desire to build a capsule sized exhibition for galleries who participate in a global art market. Focused on transparency and equitability, we believe that through innovative, direct collaboration with and between exhibitors we can build a stronger community that moves artists and galleries forward. 

Future Fair officially launched in 2020, an unprecedented year eclipsed by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the postponement of the physical art fair to 2021, Future Fair Online was organized and commenced its debut edition on May 6 as part of a six week initiative, featuring a virtual kick-off event and sales for its 41 international galleries and project spaces. The program uplifted the voices of dealers and artists through online live events, artist interviews, kick-backs with DJ sets and editorial newsletters. All of which proved that meaningful, digital experiences can be made for art and the sales that support it.

Future Fair has hosted three in-person editions in Manhattan's Chelsea, in September 2021, May 2022 and May 2023. It is a platform that is committed to exploring and producing in-person and digital collaborations and initiatives that champions pioneering artists who are actively pushing culture forward. 

Future Fair is grateful to our founding galleries for their trust and support. Find out more about the founding galleries here.

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The Model

Inspired by cooperative business models, Future Fair views the galleries as their shareholders. Founding Galleries are included in a profit-sharing plan with the company for the first 4 years, splitting 35% of the fair’s profits.

Galleries are provided with a breakdown of how their investments are allocated, as well as a condensed budget report after the fair. This transparency allows galleries to share input on how they wish to see their investments be used in upcoming iterations.

Through Future Fair’s communications strategies, the goal is to personalize and inspire the audience with stories of the exhibitors and their artists.

Future Fair aims to underscore the work that artists and galleries do outside of the fair schedule. Not only by highlighting the exhibitions brought to the show, but also the year-round exhibition programs at the galleries.

Future Fair offers art galleries innovative marketing services through editorial digital storytelling and the annual exhibition platform.